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Golden Nuggets: Poor Carlos Hyde

Your San Francisco 49ers links for Saturday, October 19th 2018

So while we are dreading the Los Angeles Rams coming to town, a few fun things in NFL-land happened on Friday. Namely our old friend Carlos Hyde. Remember him?

Man, he’d be helpful right about now. Last year he fought Matt Breida for playing time, this year we could use him to take playing time so Breida can get healthy. Well, due to just not being a fit in Kyle Shanahan’s offense (that catching passes thing didn’t help him much) Hyde went to the Cleveland Browns.

And now not even a half season in, Hyde is traded to the Jacksonville Jaguars. A team that has Leonard Fournette. And T.J. Yeldon. And when Fournette returns from injury, it’s his and Yeldon’s show, and if Fournette is IRed, it’s Yeldon’s show while Hyde plays catch-up.

Hyde signed a three-year contract with the Browns. His season thus far wasn’t awful either. 382 yards and Tyrod Taylor as your quarterback. That’s pretty darn good. Now you’re traded to a team where you’re inevitably third on pecking order.

I’d hate to be Carlos Hyde right about now.

Now, maybe Yeldon’s days are numbered and the Jaguars plan on using Fournette and Hyde going forward, but it’s still a waste, because Carlos Hyde is a good running back, he just wasn’t a good running back for Shanahan’s system.

Poor guy. Hopefully he can get a starting gig after this season with a release or something.

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