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Photos, video from the unveiling of ‘The Catch’ statues at Levi’s Stadium

On Sunday, prior to their Week 7 matchup with the Los Angeles Rams, the San Francisco 49ers unveiled a pair of statues to commemorate The Catch. They created a statue of Joe Montana and a statue of Dwight Clark, and set them up 23 yards apart from each other in front of Levi’s Stadium. The distance equals how far apart they were when they completed the most famous play in franchise history.

The team announced plans for the statues after Dwight Clark passed this summer from complications due to ALS. The pair of statues made all the sense in the world. Plenty of historic moments will happen in the future of this organization, but none will top The Catch. It got the 49ers past the Dallas Cowboys, after years of struggle, and set up their first Lombardi Trophy and the launch of a dynasty.

Ricky Helton was on hand for the festivities Sunday morning and put together this gallery of photos. Additionally, you can watch video of the entire ceremony below. If you don’t see the video, click here.