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George Kittle puts on a show in the second quarter of 49ers-Rams

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at San Francisco 49ers Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers were playing atrocious football on offense for much of the first half against the Los Angeles Rams in Week 7. However, George Kittle put the team on his back in the second quarter to get a score and give the team a chance to make this interesting in the second half.

Kittle had one reception for nine yards prior to the 49ers final offensive drive. However, trailing 22-0, he stepped up in a big way. He got open for a 35-yard catch-and-run to open the drive. He followed that up with a 23-yard reception to get down to the Rams 17. That second catch was a particularly impressive piece of work. It was a short three-yard reception that he turned into a 23-yard haul courtesy of an impressive stiff arm — while dragging another Rams defender. Troy Hill was trying to tackle Kittle, and as that was going on, Kittle stiff-armed Marcus Peters. Enjoy this display of brute physicality.

Kittle followed that up with a 10-yard touchdown in which he showed excellent awareness getting into the end zone before making the grab. He was pushed forward out of the end zone, but he had control of the ball before then for the score.

The 49ers still trail 22-7, but that last drive was progress. The 49ers get the ball back to open the second half, which gives them a chance to cut the lead to one possession. The 49ers have not shown enough to convince they’ll consistently get on the board, but they have at least a little bit of momentum coming out of the locker room.