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Patrick Willis, Steven Jackson show 49ers-Rams fans how to get along after an ugly game

Fooch’s update: Willis and Jackson met up to put together a video for Hyundai. Give it a watch here.

It was not a pretty afternoon in Santa Clara. The Los Angeles Rams thoroughly pummeled the San Francisco 49ers in an ugly display. The 49ers looked like they might keep it competitive early in the game, but once again, turnovers flipped this game. The Rams turned turnovers into points and it was a butt-whupping.

There’s not much of anything positive to take from the game, but there was some positive 49ers-Rams engagement elsewhere in the Bay Area! It turns out, former Rams running back Steven Jackson was in town, and he hung out with former 49ers linebacker Patrick Willis. Willis posted a photo to Instagram showing him and Jackson at Crissy Field enjoying the afternoon.

I don’t know if Jackson was just in town for the game or something else, but this is a fun photo. Willis is a favorite for all of us, and Jackson was one of my favorite non-49ers throughout his playing career. He busted his butt for some bad Rams teams, and I loved seeing him and Willis squaring off.

It was an ugly day today, but this put a smile on my face.