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The 49ers would have won against the Rams if...

Feel free to throw up at any time.

Well I think we all saw a loss coming, but not like that. The San Francisco 49ers are a team leveled by injuries and, of course, got a few more to take with them out of the game in their loss to the Los Angeles Rams.

The 49ers failed in all phases. There was a brief moment George Kittle’s touchdown to end the first half may have lit a spark to ignite the stagnant offense, but when C.J. Beathard got sacked on their opening series to start the second half, you knew it meant nothing.

I said the 49ers would win if they could buy Beathard enough time to throw the ball, which meant establishing solid run game. Well, that did not happen. There were spurts of a run game, but it never was as established as one would like. And the turnovers when throwing the ball didn’t help either. I said they would lose if they couldn’t get the running game going and keep Jared Goff off the field, but I didn’t think it was necessary to say if they had the turnovers they had, there was no helping them.

The 49ers would have won if...

If they could play football. If the defense could have stepped things up, it may have made a difference. Four turnovers isn’t helping the defense at all, but not even counting the injuries, the defense looked inept. Richard Sherman and Jimmie Ward were both out to start. K’Waun Williams was knocked out for a spell. Adrian Colbert got taken out of the game. Reuben Foster got clocked. Towards the end of the game, it was just dial-a-injury to that defense. All that rotation with the second stringers does not help either. Let’s not forget the fact that the 49ers have failed at executing a sound defensive gameplan.

It’s not that the 49ers lost, it’s how they lost. Their improving offensive line had a chance to make a statement given all the praise they had and instead realized they were the 49ers offensive line. C.J. Beathard had some ill advised throws, but there were some pressures given up. Had the line held it together for some crucial run blocks, maybe this game gets a bit more competitive.

The 49ers lost because...

Turnovers. You aren’t winning a game with four turnovers, especially if your roster is the level of talent of the 49ers. If you’re a team strapped for talent like the 49ers, you need to play perfect football to get out of any game, and the 49ers not only turned the ball over, but on the 50-yard line. It doesn’t help when the 49ers fail at getting turnovers of their own, but that’s what good teams do—they don’t turn the ball over.

But as I said, I don’t think a win was possible. The Rams are a better team, better coached (for this game anyways), and have a better scheme. The 49ers just were not winning this one. Not when they have UDFAs coming in for the sole reason starters are down.

But again, the turnovers need to change. It’s sloppy and atrocious football that makes people not want to watch. I don’t mind seeing the 49ers get dominated, but not like this.