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Report: 49ers to re-sign Tom Savage

You put your Savage in, you put your Savage out, you put your Savage in....

A week ago, the San Francisco 49ers signed quarterback Tom Savage. They released him this past Saturday to promote Tyvis Powell from the practice squad due to Richard Sherman’s calf injury. It looks like Savage will be back.

This is not at all surprising. They are unlikely to regularly keep three quarterbacks on their game-day roster, but they want an extra body in practice — ready and prepared in case something happens. Savage is a body who can get some practice in, even if he’s not a quarterback.

With Jimmy Garoppolo out for the season, it’s less about quality quarterbacks, and more about just getting to 2019. It makes it harder to get overly excited for the time being, but what are you gonna do?

Feel free to drop in your GIF of choice in response to this news. I remain a fan of this one.