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Golden Nuggets: The Giants might be winnable. Again.

Your San Francisco 49ers links for Tuesday, October 22nd 2018

So anyone catch that bad Monday Night Football? After seeing that, I’m convinced the 49ers can get yet another win from those sad Giants. At least Eli Manning didn’t stink up the building, but the Giants defense certainly did. Nevermind that Matt Ryan ripped my fantasy football heart out with two minutes left in the game, the Giants defense looked awful. So many players, even Julio who should be triple-teamed, open.

That means a win for the 49ers, hopefully. I don’t care about this “Elegant Tank” thing, at least not completely. I just want to see a win or two for the 49ers because the team needs that morale. The Giants were able to step in and fill that role last year, maybe they can do it again this year.

In the meantime, I have some links:

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Dwight Clark would have ‘absolutely loved’ statues of ‘The Catch’ (Maiocco)

49ers report card: Beathard, pass offense flailing and failing (Inman)

Jerry Rice doesn’t believe the 49ers have the veteran leadership they need (49ers Webzone)

Jaquiski Tartt’s missed interception weighs on him: ‘I let the defense down’ (Chan)