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The 49ers have not approached Richard Sherman’s agent (Richard Sherman) about a trade

Good one, Richard!

The San Francisco 49ers have some decisions to make for this year and the future, but for now it sounds like cornerback Richard Sherman is sticking around. Sherman met with the media on Thursday and when asked if the team had approached him about a trade, he said no.

“They haven’t reached out to my agent [laughter — he’s his own agent] and expressed anything. They’ve said since I came here that I was part of the future plans, at least for the next couple years. And that’s the way we see it, that’s the way I see it.”

Earlier in the week, Sherman told The Athletic’s David Lombardi that the 49ers were “honest and upfront” with him about the long term plan and 2018 not being an all-in year.

“They explained that to me,” Sherman said. “I would’ve signed a 1-year deal if I thought this was going to be it and fight everything for 1 year.”

The NFL trade deadline is next Tuesday, October 30th. We saw the 49ers do some dealing a year ago, acquiring Jimmy Garoppolo and trading away Rashard Robinson. They are not going to the playoffs this year, but the playoffs were not guaranteed even with a healthy Jimmy Garoppolo. They could decide to deal away some veteran parts, but holding onto Sherman makes sense. They have an otherwise very young secondary. Given the struggles of the group, it makes sense to retain a veteran like Sherman, at least through 2019.