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Richard Sherman ‘pretty sure’ he can play Sunday vs. Cardinals, not so sure about Thursday vs. Raiders

Friggin’ short weeks...

The San Francisco 49ers face a busy next seven days. The team travels to face the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday, and then turns around to host the Oakland Raiders on Thursday Night Football in Week 9.

The quick turnaround is of particular concern given the numerous injuries the team is dealing with at present. It takes several days for a healthy player’s body to recover from a Sunday game. Add in injuries and players are even less certain to be healthy. The NFL says there is not a notable increase in injuries on TNF, but they conveniently ignore the turnaround required for players to recover on a short week.

Which brings us to Richard Sherman. The 49ers cornerback is dealing with a nagging calf injury that he and head coach Kyle Shanahan have said will be something to manage most of the rest of the season. He sat out Week 7 after playing Weeks 5 and 6. This week, he was limited on Wednesday and then downgraded to DNP on Thursday.

Sherman met with the media on Thursday before practice. He said he’ll work the calf and see how it feels each day. If it feels good, he’ll play, if not, he’ll shut it down. He said he was “pretty sure” he would be able to play this Sunday vs. the Cardinals, but next Thursday was a question mark. When asked if he would only be able to play one of the games, he said it was a possibility, but he’ll work to try and play in both.