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Matt Maiocco talks to Steve Wallace, John Taylor, Brent Jones on his podcast

Three 49ers greats attempted to pump up the team before the Rams game. Then the Rams game happened.

Three San Francisco 49ers legends joined Matt Maiocco for the 49ers insider podcast and all three offered some great insight on the current 49ers.

49ers Alumni Day happened last week before the 49ers eventual thumping to the Los Angeles Rams and before the game, some 49ers greats got the team fired up. There were the conversations, the speeches, and then the backflip by John Taylor.

John Taylor, who caught a touchdown pass to win Super Bowl XXIII. A game played nearly 30 years ago. He’s 56 and still doing backflips. A lot.

Maiocco asked him about this ability and how often he can do the backflip. Turns out, it’s how he knows he’s still nimble:

“All the time. As long as I can do the backflip, I know I’m ok. When I stop being able to do the backflip, then I got a problem.”

The three legends had some good words for the podcast. I’ve included the time stamps below. You can listen using the widget above or go here.

Steve Wallace

01:35 - Speaking to the ‘new’ 49ers
03:22 - What he said to the team
04:03 - Playing left tackle
06:00 - Playing in the Super Bowl

John Taylor

07:38 - Intro
08:05 - Thoughts on Dwight Clark statue
09:20 - The catch in Super Bowl XXIII
09:50 - Message to the current 49ers
11:15 - Why he kept a team mentality rather than depart in free agency for more money
12:30 - Backflipping in a meeting with the current 49ers

Brent Jones

14:35 - Message to the 49ers
16:21 - The galvanizing moment he talked about in his speech
17:55 - On if the younger 49ers appreciated the message
18:45 - Meeting the tight ends/Kyle Shanahan