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Pro Football Focus has ranks Mike McGlinchey the best rookie offensive lineman after seven weeks

Almost halfway through and he’s the best. What a pick.

The San Francisco 49ers have been dealing with all sorts of issues in 2018 that have put them on the floors of mediocrity. One of the unsung achievements has been the improvement of the offensive line. Against the Los Angeles Rams they had a chance to make a huge statement and squandered the opportunity, but they are no long bottom of the barrell. Part of this is the excellent play of rookie right tackle Mike McGlinchey, who after seven weeks is now the highest rated rookie offensive lineman per Pro Football Focus.

McGlinchey has been getting all sorts of praise for his rookie season. The thing that’s most interesting in the above tweet is where Quinton Nelson sits. He’s in no way a bust, but several of fans (myself included) were high on him hopefully falling to the 49ers to solve the current guard problem.

Of course if that happened, there is no way they would have walked away with McGlinchey as well, and Trent Brown would have remained with the team as well. If you recall, Brown was a source of frustration for the coaching staff, stemming most from coming to workouts out of a shape.

Silver linings are needed for 2018, and the fact the 49ers had a good first pick (that doesn’t have polarizing responses) that has also helped a protection problem, is a good one.