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No last-minute 49ers roster transactions before Cardinals

Tom Savage was not waived. Color me shocked.

The San Francisco 49ers are set to take on the Arizona Cardinals Sunday and are still dealing with numerous roster issues. One thing that will not be happening is the now-anticipated habit of playing musical chairs with the roster. The team has not announced any last-minute roster transactions in lieu of the deadline.

The team has until 1:00 PST to waive, promote, and sign players to the roster in anticipation of Sunday’s game. Last week, the duck-duck-goose at quarterback began with the team waiving Tom Savage just days after signing him to the squad. The team brought him back after the game, but that’s how the game is played with the roster and keeping things within the parameters set by the league.

At this point, it looks like the 49ers didn’t have any pressing movement to make with players and are sticking to what they have available for Sunday. I was wondering if there would be a roster move in anticipation of Pierre Garçon being doubtful, but it looks like the team is going to roll with the young wide receivers in Dante Pettis and Richie James.

I half-expected the 49ers to waive Savage again to free up things with other options, but it looks like he’ll be making it through the week as a 49er, though you probably won’t see him on Sunday. Last week they waived him to make room for Tyvis Powell. The 49ers added Savage back when they placed Adrian Colbert on injured reserve but with Richard Sherman and Jimmie Ward looking likely to play on Sunday, they don’t need additional depth for the time being.

Well, we hope not.