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C.J. Beathard talks about walking the runway with a 2-year old cancer survivor

The San Francisco 49ers community relations team does some great work, and on Tuesday, they had a special event. This Sunday the team has a “Crucial Catch” game against the Arizona Cardinals. The NFL has a “Crucial Catch” campaign during the month of October, during which they focus on risk reduction and early cancer detection.

The 49ers hosted a fashion show featuring guests who have had or are currently battling breast cancer, pediatric cancer, and colon cancer. They modeled Levi’s apparel, and were paired with a 49ers player. You can check out a gallery of photos above, courtesy of the 49ers.

There’s some great video of quarterback C.J. Beathard walking with 2-year old Tatum. Beathard has a two-year old of his own, and on Wednesday he talked about how natural it was to walk the runway with Tatum.

“It was really natural. I have a two-year-old daughter myself so it came real naturally. It’s just tough to imagine what their family is going through. I have a two-year-old and if my daughter was in her shoes, you really have to be strong and tough not only as a person that’s battling cancer, but as a family that has to go through it with their daughter. I’ve got nothing but the ultimate respect for all of those people there and they’re all just real inspiring and inspiring stories.”

He also talked about the volunteer opportunities from his time at Iowa. Following that I’ve posted video of Beathard and Tatum, and then a full video.

“Oh, yeah. When I was back at Iowa, I used to go up to the children’s hospital every other week just to go up and see patients, kids with cancer. It was real inspiring just being up there and having conversations with the kids and all that kind of stuff. So, I thought hit was a really cool event if not the best event here, one of the best definitely that they do here. It was a really good event and I feel like everyone enjoyed it and had a good time.”

C.J. Beathard & Tatum video

Full video