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FanPulse: 49ers, Cardinals fans have been solid picking games straight-up, both predict a win on Sunday

It might be best to fade them for gambling purposes.

The San Francisco 49ers and Arizona Cardinals square off in Week 5, occupying the bottom two spots in the NFC West. San Francisco has been inconsistent at best, while Arizona has been bad for the most part — although they had their chances to beat Seattle last week.

Each week, we have been running our FanPulse surveys in which we ask about team confidence, how the team will perform in that week’s game, and a broader national game. If you want to take part in the weekly survey, sign up HERE to join FanPulse.

Now that we’re a quarter of the way through the season, we can start to look at some trends within the voting results. What’s most interesting for this matchup is that both the 49ers and Cardinals fans voting each week have been fairly accurate from a straight-up perspective. Fans vote on whether or not the team will lose, and by how much. Through four weeks, 49ers and Cardinals fans are both 3-1.

49ers fans

  • Week 1: FanPulse predicts 49ers win by 1 (Vikings), 49ers lose by 8 (spread: 49ers +6.5)
  • Week 2: FanPulse predicts 49ers win by 7 (Lions), 49ers win by 3 (spread: 49ers -6)
  • Week 3: FanPulse predicts 49ers lose by 6 (Chiefs), 49ers lose by 11 (spread: 49ers +6)
  • Week 4: FanPulse predicts 49ers lose by 7 (Chargers), 49ers lose by 2 (spread: 49ers +10)

49ers FanPulse SU: 3-1
49ers FanPulse ATS: 1-3

Cardinals fans

  • Week 1: FanPulse predicts Cardinals win by 7 (Washington), Cardinals lose by 18 (spread: Cardinals -2)
  • Week 2: FanPulse predicts Cardinals lose by 10 (Rams), Cardinals lose by 34 (spread: Cardinals +12)
  • Week 3: FanPulse predicts Cardinals lose by 9 (Bears), Cardinals lose by 2 (spread: Cardinals +5.5)
  • Week 4: FanPulse predicts Cardinals lose by 6 (Seahawks), Cardinals lose by 3 (spread: Cardinals +3.5)

Cardinals FanPulse SU: 3-1
Cardinals FanPulse ATS: 0-4

I included both straight up results and against the spread results. In straight pick ‘em pools, 49ers and Cardinals fans have been pretty money. If you were to use their picks as betting advice, you’d be better suited fading them.

This week, 49ers fans are predicting a six-point victory, while Cardinals fans are predicting a three point victory. This marks the first time since Week 1 that Arizona fans have predicted a win. The spread is currently set at 49ers -4, although some sportsbooks have gone with 4.5 points.

Both fanbases are feeling a little more confident this week, in spite of losses last week. The 49ers lost after blowing a big lead in C.J. Beathard’s first start of the year, while the Cardinals lost by a late field goal after blowing some opportunities of their own. The 49ers FanPulse confidence index rose from 44 percent confidence to 66 percent confidence. The Cardinals FanPulse confidence index rose from 5 percent confidence to 33 percent confidence. Getting Josh Rosen into the starting lineup and getting a solid outing from him in his debut probably helped that.

What do you think comes of this on Sunday? The Cardinals have a reason for optimism in Josh Rosen, but they’re still a bad football team. I like the 49ers as four point favorites, although the Friday injury report will give me a better handle on it. I don’t know if it’s enough to justify a SuperContest pick this week, but I’m leaning that way.