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Matt Breida talks adoption, being a UDFA, working with Alfred Morris

Matt Breida’s story should inspire almost anybody.

San Francisco 49ers running back Matt Breida has been making a name for himself in 2018. At one point, he was leading the NFL in rushing yards. Now he’s made himself an explosive threat to NFL defenses, finding ways to break out for massive gains. For an undrafted free agent, this is nothing short of special.

What’s more special is Breida’s journey to the NFL. He began as an adopted child to his parents and watched both of them encounter accidents that disabled them. From there, it was Breida giving that bit of excitement to his parents and carving out a niche in the NFL.

All of this is discussed in Matt Maiocco’s latest podcast, something that is less about his NFL career and more about what got him there. There’s a lot about his time with the 49ers, but the best parts are his journey getting there. This is something to listen to if you haven’t already.

The interview starts at 4:08 mark. You can listen to the podcast using the widget above. If you can’t see it, you can also click here to listen.

04:20 - Time to reflect on what got him to the NFL
05:04 - Getting adopted 1995
06:35 - What sports meant to him
07:15 - Dealing with his father’s life-threatening battle with meningitis
07:53 - The two car accidents disabling each of his parents
09:00 - What it means to give his parents the enjoyment only he can provide
09:36 - His birth parents
10:50 - Being recently married and starting a family
11:30 - How he’s succeeded where others have failed
12:32 - Who he’s heard from since the Detroit Lions game
13:15 - Scholarship offers in high school
13:41 - Relationship with Jerick McKinnon
14:58 - Senior year at Georgia Southern
15:53 - Not getting invited to the NFL Combine
17:30 - Why he signed with the 49ers as an undrafted free agent
19:53 - Sharring carries with Alfred Morries
20:46 - His approach this year with the games left on his schedule.