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There’s nothing funny about what we watched today

So let’s watch something that is funny

I’m speechless. The 49ers are in a rebuild and have injury issues, but they shouldn’t have issues against the Arizona Cardinals. Not that Arizona Cardinals team we saw. I said if they couldn’t win, there was some things to go under the microscope and I’ll say—some things need looked at.

The 49ers need to show some kind of progress from their first year to the second year. The question begs to be asked: Where is it? They don’t look anything like they do in 2017, in many ways they look worse.

But it’s Sunday, we’ve got a long week until Monday Night Football happens, so let’s try and get our mind off this blunder. Let’s watch Super Mario troll people. I’m about out of RKO’s from out of nowhere, so we’ll move on to another guilty pleasure.

The 49ers rebuild may take longer than we anticipated, but I’m curious what this would look like if we had Jimmy Garoppolo around.

Stay faithful my friends.