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49ers fantasy football pick-ups, drops for Week 6

Fantasy football has taken a dark turn for 49ers fans

We’ve officially entered a dark void for fantasy football with the 49ers. Most of the value players are snapped up. The players that did have value are now useless due to the offense we have. If you have anyone not named George Kittle or Matt Breida, you have a mess on your hands. Let’s help you out here.

But just know we’re not bringing only 49ers players this time around.

As always, percentage owned numbers are based on Yahoo! leagues.


Packers D/ST

Week 5 stats: 31 PA, 3 sacks

The 49ers offense isn’t getting any better and if you’re desperate for a streaming defensive option, there are worse teams than the Packers. The Lions managed to hang 31 points on them last week, which isn’t the most comforting of things. That said, there’s really no way you don’t look into this as an option. The 49ers stink on offense and it opens up a chance for pick sixes and sacks thanks to C.J. Beathard’s love of holding onto the ball.

The 49ers are on a skid, they are in Lambeau, and that’s really all we need to have confidence in picking this defense up.

We feel so dirty.

Pick up or don’t pick up: Pick them up.

Must-Start Status Alert

George Kittle

% Owned: 93
Week 5 stats: 5 receptions, 83 yards

If you’re in a PPR league you are loving these numbers. Even when he has a bad day, Kittle is getting you some yardage and at least contributing.

If you’re in a standard league, you’re probably wondering what the deal is. Our advice: stick by him. Who else is Beathard going to throw to? Who else can catch it? It’s not like Kittle is an elite pass catcher with his drops, but he’s a helluva lot better than the other options on the field.

Pick up or don’t pick up: You know what to do...

Fool’s gold

All of the 49ers wide receivers

% Owned: Seriously?

The time has come to begin evaluating the 49ers pass catchers. If you find yourself on waivers and looking at other, more productive wide receivers (and depending on how deep your league is they may be all gone at this point), the 49ers wide receivers should be the first to go. They aren’t reliable and you can’t count on them for touchdowns when Matt Breida and George Kittle are getting the lion’s share of redzone targets/runs.

If one emerges from this slop, we’ll be first to say foot in our mouth, but they’ve ridden your bench long enough. Even if someone breaks out there’s no telling they can continue to do it where it’s relevant to keep them on your bench.

Drop or don’t drop: Don’t do it outright, but if you have decisions to make, they can be the first to go.

Robbie Gould

% Owned: 62
Week 5 Stats: One field goal missed

Gould, WTH?! The 49ers kicker had a very bad day, a very un-Gould-like day. Gould missed his lone field goal attempt. The extra point attempt at the end of the 49ers first drive (you know, the good one) doesn’t go down as an attempt since he never actually tried kicking it. He just stopped for some reason. It might have been the Cardinals player who was flying in.

It has not been a good season for kickers in general. They are missing everything. It’s like some sort of bug going around.

In any case, Gould has been money outside of this blunder. He gets another week before decisions have to be made. In fact, it may be a good move to pick him up given his availability. The 49ers might be kicking a lot on Monday.

Drop or don’t drop: Don’t drop.