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Raheem Mostert out with a broken arm

His season is over.

The San Francisco 49ers get to enjoy not just a win, but a 34-3 drubbing of the Oakland Raiders. Unfortunately, the win comes with a cost, running back Raheem Mostert is out with a broken arm.

If he’s out for the season, Shanahan said “I would assume so with a broken arm.”

The 49ers running back group takes another hit and now it’s just Matt Breida and Alfred Morris running things. I’m sure the 49ers will be looking at running backs with the extended week to get someone to spell those two, especially with Breida’s injury.

If you have the means to watch the game, you can see the injury when Mostert gets taken off the field. There’s a huge bulge in his forearm as he’s walked off and before the announcement it was already something that made you assume the worst.

Mostert was originally someone you held your breath on when he got the ball for fear of fumbling, but he quickly became very important in this decayed offense. Losing him hurts. Make no mistake about it.