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49ers offensive line falls to 16th in PFF’s offensive line rankings

It wasn’t going to last forever.

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It had to end sometime. The San Francisco 49ers were arrow up with their offensive line performance. With Mike McGlinchey looking godlike at times during his rookie season and Weston Richburg falling into the role, the 49ers were climbing Pro Football Focus’ offensive line rankings. In Week 6 they made it up to sixth.

Well, that gravy train is being discontinued. The 49ers offensive line has slipped back to 16th in the league in PFF’s latest rankings after Week 9. This has allowed other, more deserving teams like the Cleveland Browns and Indianapolis Colts to get up to the top spot.

Here’s what PFF had to say about the rankings:

Yet another rookie surprising with his superb play right of the bat. Offensive line has historically been one of the steepest learning curves in our grading from college to the pros. Mike McGlinchey has basically picked up where he left off at Notre Dame, though. The right tackle has the highest run-blocking grade of any offensive linemen in the NFL after dominating in that regard his last couple years in college.

The 49ers have had some difficulty with keeping quarterback C.J. Beathard upright among other things. It’s important to note though that PFF pointed out they were taking into account all snaps through Week 9 by a team’s O-Line. So that right guard kerfuffle that’s been going on and Eric Magnuson as center are probably being considered and a part of the downgrade.

The 49ers have some games left and they have Nick Mullens to maybe right the ship. The offensive line at 16 is not a horrible ranking, though. This was one of the worst in the league a couple years ago and it’s getting obvious attention with the drafting of McGlinchey (and jettisoning of Trent Brown).

Hopefully they can get back and finish in the top-10.