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Listening to Bill Walsh never gets old

It’s like listening to old tapes of Vince Lombardi.

Bill Walsh’s life will probably be the subject of a Hollywood movie in another decade. I guess once they get that Vince Lombardi flick figured out they’ll move onto Walsh. He’s already had some great documentaries, the NFL Football Life episode being one of my favorites.

This one is a brief 15 minute documentary I found while lurking around the 49ers reddit page. Given the talent appearing in the video, I have to think it’s something professionally done. The YouTube user Niners Museum made me think this may be playing in the 49ers museum at Levi’s Stadium, but I have no confirmation on this.

In any case, the above video is worth a watch because it has greats like Joe Montana, Steve Young, George Seifert, and others talking about Walsh’s coaching style. You also get some high quality audio clips of Walsh talking which never get old, and again, sound like something Vince Lombardi would say.

You should be able to watch the video above, but if you can’t you can view it on YouTube by going here.