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Is Robert Saleh’s seat hotter after 49ers-Giants?

Bring back the heat-o-meter. The 49ers couldn’t finish. Against the Giants. Thoughts?

The San Francisco 49ers have done it again. And by it I mean it’s another last second blown lead that leads to them losing. This time it wasn’t to the Arizona Cardinals or the Green Bay Packers, but the New York Giants 27-23.

The offense has their own share of blame (such as Marquise Goodwin failing to catch a ball) but front and center is the defense. A defense that caused so many issues on the Giants final scoring drive that they should have gotten off the field about four or five times. But those four or five times were negated by penalties which kept the Giants on the field, gave them easy yards and eventually led to them taking the lead.

The 49ers desperately need a pass rush. Obviously, officiating was trash on Monday night with a bear hug on Cassius Marsh going unnoticed and flopping making its latest appearance in the NFL on a George Kittle pass interference.

But once again things were on the defense and They. Can. Not. Finish. The buck stops with Robert Saleh. Is it his position coaches? Is it his scheme? Is the offense not giving them enough of a breather?

This isn’t Aaron Rodgers we’re talking about here, this is Eli Manning, who the 49ers somehow found a way to resuscitate for one night only since he’s spent most of the season on his back. The story going into MNF was if Manning would start given his putrid play.

And the 49ers somehow found a way to make him look amazing.

Yep, you know what time it is. It’s time to bring back the heat-o-meter:


How hot is Robert Saleh’s seat after 49ers-Giants?

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    Feeling hot, hot, hot!
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    Nice and warm
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    Just sat down
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  • 1%
    It’s got icicles hanging from it
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