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Patrick Mahomes has some questionable beliefs about ketchup usage

There has been nothing but praise for Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes ... until Thursday. He was chatting with the media this week and we found out he has a couple of curious food choices. He likes ketchup on steak, and he also puts it on macaroni and cheese!

Needless to say, Chiefs fans (and most sports fans) are aghast at these decisions. It has people wondering if they ever even really knew the man!

While I think both are kind of nasty sounding, I also am generally one to let people eat what they want. If they’re not forcing it on me, why should I care? And more importantly, I know that I have food preferences that other people might find questionable at best.

What’s your food choice that might have people shaking their head? When I have a baked potato, I like adding ketchup with the sour cream. I don’t know if people think that’s particularly crazy, but it gets some looks.