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Brian Baldinger’s analysis of the 49ers-Giants sums up the season

Calling the 49ers the Keystone Cops sounds accurate.

Brian Baldinger’s Baldy Breakdowns are quickly becoming a Twitter favorite and when he breaks down the 49ers, it’s always three minutes of your life well spent. Earlier in the year he was gushing all over Jimmy Garoppolo, but as the 49ers’ season has turned into a nightmare, he’s grown more critical of the team.

The breakdown of the 49ers loss to the New York Giants may become my favorite since he actually comes right out and compares the 49ers to the Keystone Cops. For those of you unfamiliar, they are very old comedic silent films involving inept police officers causing chaos. It’s like the precursor to the Three Stooges.

Back to the breakdown. Baldinger uses the analogy on the first touchdown to Odell Beckham Jr. to ask what the 49ers are doing all week in preparation (a question many of us share, I’m sure) then turns around and breaks down the second touchdown that resulted in the Ahkello Witherspoon fit.

I don’t see there being sweeping changes to the 49ers defense or Robert Saleh being removed as defensive coordinator at the end of the year. I do see the entire defense being put up under the microscope with a deep dive on why they continued to blow games and not hold leads, let alone the communication issues. The lack of consistent pass rushers has been one of the main problems of this team and it’s all but certain it will be addressed in the draft. There will be adjustments, but that would be the extent of it. However, 2019 will demand improvement or Saleh may be out of a job.