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Golden Nuggets: It’s a bye

Your San Francisco 49ers links for Saturday, November 17th 2018

I didn’t think the bye could come soon enough. This has been a (yet another) season from Hell, and all I want is the 53-man roster back. Kyle Shanahan says they should have everyone back, sans the IR players (Garoppolo, McKinnon, etc.) but it’s not like they have the whole roster back, we have to wait for OTAs.

Oh well, the bye came at a good time. What’s everyone up to this weekend? You guys watching football or doing something else?

Me? I got two books, Now for the Disappointing Part and Before they are Hanged, to indulge in. The earlier is a collection of essays about someone who worked as a temporary worker for the tech industry (which I definitely can identify with) and the latter is a fun fantasy series. I also have Xenoblade Chronicles 2 to finish and Thanksgiving shopping to do. This year my mother decided to come to town, so I have to make slightly more food, but I usually cook for nine people and three show up, so it’s not crucial.

In any case, we get a reprieve of 49ers football before they go and play the Tampa Bay Buccaneers next week. What’s everyone else up to?

While you figure that out, I got some links.

Yeah, this is nothing new, he said the same thing in Bill Walsh’s Football Life episode Bill Parcells says in book that Bill Walsh cheated during 1985 playoff matchup

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What has made George Kittle the 49ers’ best offensive player in 2018 (Chan)

49ers’ Arik Armstead faces make-or-break stretch after bye week (Maiocco)

The Art–Impact–Love Plan (Dante Pettis)

49ers progress report: Injuries slow Dante Pettis’ rookie year (Madson)

Richard Sherman, DeForest Buckner lead 49ers’ defense through Week 10 (Chan)

What a horrible night to have a curse...