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Jaguars likely to consider trading Jalen Ramsey this offseason

Fooch’s update: The Jaguars issued a forceful denial. We’ll see how this holds up in March.

The 2019 NFL offseason is a ways off, but it could be a fascinating one. We already know Le’Veon Bell is likely to hit unrestricted free agency, and now a big name could be going on the trading block. The Jacksonville Jaguars are “likely to consider trading Jalen Ramsey,” according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

The article points to Ramsey being outspoken and brash, and potentially talking his way out of Jacksonville. Schefter’s sources do not appear to include anybody with the Jaguars, instead offering opinions from unnamed league sources who think the Jaguars will “absolutely” consider the option.

Most every player in the league is available for the right price, but if the Jaguars were actually willing to deal away one of the best cornerbacks in the league, it’s safe to say the 49ers would at least make a phone call. Realistically, virtually the entire NFL would be making a call if they thought Ramsey was available.

Ramsey is signed through 2019, and the team would have the fifth year option available in 2020. Just based on talent, it would be a costly acquisition, but add in potential control through 2020, and it’s a little more costly. I’d have to think you’re talking a couple first round picks. The team that probably would make the most sense is the Raiders, with their three first round picks in 2019. The Raiders could do a lot in terms of young talent with three first round picks, but giving up two of them to pick up a relatively sure thing like Ramsey makes a ton of sense.

I doubt Ramsey gets dealt this offseason, but what would you give up to make it happen?