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Jameis Winston returns in Bucs’ loss to Giants

It appears the 49ers will get Winston instead of Fitzmagic.

The Ryan Fitzmagic era came to a close ... again. Ryan Fitzpatrick threw three interceptions and was benched for Jameis Winston in the third quarter. Winston put together a solid comeback effort, but it was not quite enough and the New York Giants prevailed 38-35 over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

This game was notable for a couple reasons. The first is that it bumps the Giants further back of the San Francisco 49ers in the 2019 NFL Draft order. The Giants entered the day 2-7 and tied with the Arizona Cardinals at a half game behind the 49ers in the draft order. The win improves them to 3-7 and a full game back of the 49ers. San Francisco already has the edge with a weaker strength of schedule, so this is a big win to help the 49ers if they keep losing.

The other notable aspect of this game is that the 49ers travel to face the Bucs next week. The 49ers will be coming off their bye, and apparently will be preparing to face Winston instead of Fitzpatrick. It’s been a back-and-forth affair for the Bucs at the quarterback position. Winston looked mostly good in the failed comeback, but this is the Giants defense. The 49ers had their issues getting going at times against this group, but it is still a bad defense. We’ll see what the 49ers defense presents to Winston next Sunday.