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Terrell Owens receives Hall of Fame ring, unveils bust at 49ers-Raiders game

The general expectation for Thursday’s 49ers-Raiders matchup was a game that would do poor ratings, and generally not be well-received across the board. Quarterback Nick Mullens stunned almost all of us, and it turned into a highly entertaining evening.

Before Mullens emerged, Terrell Owens was expected to be one of the highlights on Thursday. He was set to receive his Hall of Fame ring and show off the bust at halftime of the game. And much like his record-setting single-game reception performance overshadowed Jerry Rice’s final game with the 49ers, Nick Mullens monster performance overshadowed TO’s ceremony!

I’ve included a gallery of photos above, including some pictures of his ring, courtesy of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. You can watch video of his halftime ceremony and speech below.