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Rams aren’t losing the NFC West

Better we accept it and move on.

As sickening as it is to praise that game Monday given the parties involved, we have to have some objectivity around here, and that really was an amazing game the Los Angeles Rams played against the Kansas City Chiefs. Don’t be mistaken, that wasn’t Michigan against Ohio State, though the scores may make you think you’re watching college. That was one of the highest scoring games in NFL history. But, it had to end.

As great of a game it was, I have some hard truth now: The Rams are winning the West. For them to lose would require a catastrophe just as historic as that high scoring flyer that was on TV. It’s not happening.

So around the NFC West we go to see the battle for second place.

Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals can’t beat a team not named the 49ers, which means when they played what might be the league’s worst team in the Oakland Raiders, they found a way to screw it up. And the Raiders for some way, some reason forgot to Raider. This of course benefits the 49ers in draft positioning, and keeps the 49ers a half game behind the Cardinals in NFC West standings. The Cardinals looked all sorts of bad on Sunday and given that they fired their offensive coordinator into his first season with the team, one has to wonder what they will do when Black Monday comes and the new crop of coaching candidates is known.

Seattle Seahawks

If you live in Seattle and are not a Seahawks fan, this is a time you’re very familiar with. This is about the time the Seahawks get the taste of thinking they’ll go to the Super Bowl. Much like the Rams losing the NFC West, that’s just not happening.

Still, the Seahawks found themselves in a fun game against Aaron Rodgers Thursday Night. After a Russell Wilson special, the Packers turned to Aaron Rodgers to win the game for them, but since this is Seattle, that didn’t happen. The Seahawks are firmly in second place and if the 49ers have anything to shoot for, it’s second place...because of....

Los Angeles Rams

Even if you’re not a Rams or a Chiefs fan, if you like football, you have to admit that was an absolute crazy game played on Monday night. Which means we probably should run “Ram It.” The highest scoring Monday Night Football game in history (as the announcers liked to remind us as much as possible once it was made apparent), The Rams went and traded haymakers with the Chiefs in what may go down as the game of the decade. It means two things: The AFC has the Chiefs and (maybe) the Patriots, while the NFC has the Rams and the Saints. Those are the teams you should follow.

No. The Rams are not losing the NFC West. To not win the division would require the Rams to lose every single game and then the Seahawks to do the opposite. That scenario is not happening. Especially when the Rams have the 49ers and Cardinals at the end of the schedule to help with desperation.

Into Week 12

The Rams get to head out to a bye week that is well deserved after that classic we witnessed. Meanwhile, the Cardinals head to Los Angeles to take on the Chargers, a team who had issues with the Denver Broncos last week. The Seahawks head to face the Carolina Panthers in what may be an interesting game.

And the 49ers face the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. That will not be a game where both teams get 50 points.

1st: Los Angeles Rams; Next: vs. Bye
2nd: Seattle Seahawks; Next: at Carolina Panthers
3rd: Arizona Cardinals; Next: at Los Angeles Chargers
4th: San Francisco 49ers; Next: at Tampa Bay Buccaneers