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Get your Jimmy G fix

Last week, San Francisco 49ers general manager mentioned on KNBR that quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo was off crutches and advancing in his rehab. On Wednesday, the 49ers were back at practice, and Cam Inman got some video of Garoppolo hanging out and walking on the sideline.

The 49ers have six games remaining, and it is unlikely we see Garoppolo on the sideline for any of them. They have three road games and he is unlikely to travel with the team for them. They also have three home games, and he will likely remain in a suite for the games. Lynch mentioned last week he had not been cleared to be on the sideline because he could not yet protect himself if a play came off the field and in his direction. He could be cleared by December, but I don’t see why the 49ers would risk a freak accident at this point.

In the meantime, we get a Jimmy G sighting to tide us over.