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John Lynch talks about the 49ers’ quarterback situation, the first 10 games, looking to the offseason

The 49ers general manager sat down with Matt Maiocco on the 49ers Insider Podcast

It’s probably about the right time for Matt Maiocco to check in with San Francisco 49ers general manager John Lynch. The 49ers are still elbows deep in a rebuild, and this was a season that fell below many expectations.

Lynch was able to go into the good (Matt Breida, George Kittle) and the bad (Solomon Thomas) but was able to assess the first 10 games and identify the one thing the 49ers need to work on:

“The thing we look as a team and our standard is that the fact that we’ve been in so many of these games, there’s enough talent in that locker room. Are we missing some great players, some of our better players? Sure. But there’s enough in there and what we need to learn how to do is finish. We need to learn how when we get in these close games as an organization, we’ve got to get over that hump. “

Lynch was quick to point out his experiences with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the transitional period they had as well and how that can help with the 49ers currently.

Finishing has been the consistent disappointment in the 49ers. Every game they’ve had a lead (sans Oakland Raiders and Detroit Lions) the 49ers have found a way to blow it in the final minutes of the game. It’s almost like clockwork, and something the 49ers will need to work on drilling this offseason.

I’ve timestamped the podcast below. You can listen to it by using the widget above. If it doesn’t appear, you can click here.

00:55 - Assessing the first 10 games
02:50 - Changing visions of the team?
04:21 - George Kittle’s development
05:58 - Matt Breida’s development
07:26 - Solomon Thomas missing expectations in 2018
09:27 - Reuben Foster and Ahkello Witherspoon’s regression
11:55 - Fred Warner and Mike McGlinchy thoughts
13:57 - Assessing the quarterback situation into 2019
15:48 - Plan for the offseason