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Details surrounding the latest Reuben Foster domestic violence arrest

The details are still coming out, but we have some good information on what exactly happened

Fooch’s update, 6:01 am: Foster has been released

Fooch’s update, 5:12 am: The alleged victim in this case is the woman who accused him of domestic violence this past offseason, per Eric Branch. Here is the affidavit on his arrest:

San Francisco 49ers linebacker Reuben Foster was arrested late Saturday night and is currently held in Florida jail as of this writing. He is going in front of a judge this morning via video monitor, at which point bail will be set, according to Matt Maiocco.

At the time of the report, we didn’t have many details beyond that it was a domestic violence dispute. Since then, more information came available as the night went.

The Athletic’s David Lombardi has been updating Twitter regularly and was able to reveal more details of the arrest. The victim has been described as 28 years old and someone Foster has had an on again, off again relationship with. Lombardi has drawn comparisons between this victim being the same as Reuben Foster’s ex-girlfriend who recanted her original domestic violence allegation in May of 2018—the most notable link being they share the same age. There has been no confirmation that they are one in the same, however the alleged victim from the May incident updated their Instagram showing they were in the Tampa Bay airport Saturday.

Lombardi later went on to say the Tampa police said the victim “shared cohabitation” with Foster.

The police also had to alter documents on what the injuries sustained were. The victim was originally written as having been slapped on the right side with scratch marks on their collar bone. The documents were revised to say the slap was on the left side with the injury marks on the left collar bone.

Foster remains in jail and is all but certain to not be playing in Sunday’s game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The 49ers will likely supply a statement soon about what’s next.