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49ers release Reuben Foster

The San Francisco 49ers announced Sunday morning they are releasing linebacker Reuben Foster following allegations of domestic violence. He will be subject to waivers on Monday.

The release comes a little under 12 hours after he was arrested on Saturday evening at the team hotel in Tampa, Florida. Foster is accused of battery by the same woman who accused and later recanted her accusation earlier this year. As of this publishing, he is in a Hillsborough County jail awaiting a court hearing to have bail set.

This was Foster’s third arrest over the past 11 months. He was arrested in January in Alabama for possession of marijuana. He was arrested in February on suspicion of domestic violence and an illegal weapons possession. The domestic violence charge was dropped after the alleged victim recanted. He pled no contest to the misdemeanor gun charge.

The release brigs with it a $3,678,954 dead money hit for the 49ers and a loss of $1,728,440 in cap space. There is no word at this point what Foster’s guaranteed money was at this point given his two previous arrests.