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Jimmie Ward ruled out for remainder of 49ers-Buccaneers with a forearm injury

D.J. Reed is in at safety

The San Francisco 49ers will be without safety/cornerback Jimmie Ward for the remainder of their game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Ward has been ruled out with a forearm injury suffered in the early minutes of the game.

In his place is rookie D.J. Reed at safety. Reed has been converting from cornerback to safety since his entrance in the NFL and now we can get an extended look at how his transition to the NFL has been.

Ward’s injury hurts a 49ers defense that is already thin with talent, especially with an opposing quarterback in Jameis Winston who likes to throw the ball. Ward has been unable to stay healthy his whole career, so this might have fans groaning, but it’s time to get a look at D.J. Reed.