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Second place for the NFC West is up for grabs (kinda, not really)

This would require the Cardinals or 49ers to wake up, however.

If you are either a fan of the San Francisco 49ers or Arizona Cardinals, then you know that you are going to be sick to your stomach that “the chance” for second place requires a winning streak from either team that isn’t possible. At this point the standings are set with the Los Angeles Rams winning the whole division and the Seattle Seahawks getting a second place finish. If that’s enough for a wildcard spot with the Seahawks, we’ll find out shortly.

The 49ers themselves played an awful, awful game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers that we can dissect through the week. The Rams were on bye which leaves us with the Seahawks and the Cardinals. Both games are not good.

Arizona Cardinals

As said last week, the Cardinals can’t beat a team not named the 49ers, which means when they play a good team in the Los Angeles Chargers, they got punked, and punked hard to the tune of 45-10. The Cardinals had a lead for all of four seconds on their opening drive before the Chargers woke up and made them pay for their score. It’s never a good game when the backup quarterback comes in for the team that’s winning, because they don’t see a reason to keep the starters out there. That’s exactly what happened when the Chargers pulled Phillip Rivers for Geno Smith. Right now the question is who’s worse: The 49ers or the Cardinals, and all I can answer to that is—the 49ers lost to the Cardinals. Twice.

Seattle Seahawks

Meanwhile, in Charlotte, North Carolina, the Seahawks found a way to get a win over the Carolina Panthers. This did not come easily. Running back Christian McCaffrey rushed for over 100 yards, as well as had over 100 yards receiving. Oh and a touchdown for each of those as well. Every time it looked like the Panthers may put this away, the Hawks found a way to advert it.

The Seahawks somehow stayed in this game thanks to a last-second field goal from Sebastian Janikowski and Russell Wilson pulling out yet another Russell Wilson Special. The win puts them to 6-5, which means the 49ers only have to win out and the Hawks have to lose for the 49ers to have second place. So, um, yea.

Into Week 13

The Seahawks are not only in the battle for second place in the NFC West, which they will no doubt win, but also in the hunt for that wildcard spot in the NFC playoffs. The latter won’t be as easy. The Seahawks are contending with the likes of the Minnesota Vikings, Carolina Panthers, and Washington. Given that they have a win over the Panthers, that could come back to help them when it’s all said and done. They can get help from the 49ers, who come to CenturyLink Field for Week 13. That game will not be pretty.

The Rams return from their bye to face the Detroit Lions. Another game that should be more interesting than anything crucial. The Cardinals head to Green Bay to face Aaron Rodgers and the Packers.

The battle for second place is on, friends.

1st: Los Angeles Rams; Next: at Detroit Lions
2nd: Seattle Seahawks; Next: vs. San Francisco 49ers
3rd: Arizona Cardinals; Next: at Green Bay Packers
4th: San Francisco 49ers; Next: at Seattle Seahawks