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Golden Nuggets: 49ers Lose, Reuben Foster Released

A daily compilation of 49ers news from around the net. Monday, November 26th, 2018 edition.

NFL: San Francisco 49ers at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning folks, we’ve got an unusually busy day’s worth of reading to unpack. There are four major points to touch on, the least important of which, unfortunately, is that the 49ers lost to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday by a score of 9 to 27. The loss was generally, if not largely, expected, as the Bucs are a team that has been able to push the ball downfield at will - in fact, they’re the best in the league in terms of raw offensive yardage from scrimmage. The victory for the Bucs pads their record, and widens the gap between the teams in terms of eventual draft positioning. Around the league, the Raiders were handily beaten by the Ravens (17 to 35) and the Cardinals were blown out by the Chargers (10 to 45).

The second point to touch on is that Jimmie Ward’s season is over after fracturing his forearm in Tampa. This is the second year in a row his season has been shorted by a broken forearm, and serves to solidify his reputation, certainly among 49ers fans, that he’s injury prone. Jimmie was playing on the fifth year club option of his rookie contract, and no extension has been reported as of yet. In certain scenarios, this gruesome injury could be Ward’s last play as a 49er.

The remaining two points to hit (horrid pun REALLY not intended, I’ve just said “touch on” too many times, which, in retrospect, isn’t much better of a phrase) are the goings-on in the Reuben Foster saga. Point one, Reuben Foster has been dropped. He’s gone. No longer a 49er. I had caught an unusual amount of flack for publishing an edition of the Nuggets in the wake of Foster’s initial domestic violence arrest which mused on the similarities between the troubled linebacker, and other troubled ex-49er linebacker Aldon Smith. Well, I apologize for putting that evil on the organization, but it looks like I wasn’t wrong.

Anyway, the last point is that Reuben Foster was reportedly involved in ANOTHER domestic violence incident in October, which did not involve an arrest, and supposedly the team was not made aware of it. If there’s any doubt on behalf of fans that releasing Reuben Foster as a response to this second arrest, look no further than the October incident, which really seems to cross the i’s and dot the t’s - Reuben Foster has no desire keep himself out of trouble, and is a smudge on the history of this organization. Good riddance.

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