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49ers fantasy football pick-ups, drops for Week 13

Let’s talk about that dynasty league

The pickings are slim for Week 13. No matter, we can go over some possible names and also talk about something else: your dynasty league. If you’re in a standard league, you don’t need to really worry about the dynasty league, but for those of you in one of these fun experiences, now’s the time to start looking to 2019 whether you’re winning or not.

For the uninitiated, dynasty leagues are not keeper leagues. They are leagues where your roster remains mostly unchanged from year to year. The benefit is a larger roster that requires thinking ahead and drafts that are usually for rookie classes that could make some impacts or not. That said, this is the time you grab those few players that flashed some talent that may make your team special in 2019.

As always, percentage owned numbers are based on Yahoo! leagues.


Dante Pettis

% Owned: 1
Week 12 stats: 4 receptions, 77 yards, 1 touchdown

With the 49ers out two wide receivers in Pierre Garçon and Marquise Goodwin, Dante Pettis was called upon to carry the unit. He and Kendrick Bourne were the only two to do anything of note Sunday and only he is someone to look at shouldering for your fantasy team. But not this week against Seattle.

The 49ers are going up against the Seattle Seahawks and you can bet even with that depleted defense, they can hold up against the limited pass catchers the 49ers have. Plus whether it’s Nick Mullens or C.J. Beathard, the 49ers don’t exactly excell at this throwing the football thing at the moment. Quell expectations on Pettis. If he does light things up, grab him for your championship.

That is of course, if unless if you’re playing in your dynasty league. If that’s the case, pick him up immediately. We already made comparisons to Antonio Brown and Pettis has a chance to really surprise people next year. As the weeks go on, it’s becoming more and more apparent Garçon will not be a part of those plans. This will open up a huge hole. Pettis himself has said it’s a lot easier being in and out of the game and he’s worth burning a roster spot early for a decent WR2 with a crazy ceiling next year.

Pick up or don’t pick up (normal league): Don’t pick him up
Pick up or don’t pick up (dynasty league): Pick him up

Jeff Wilson

% Owned: Yeah, right
Week 12 Stats: 7 attempts, 33 yards

We’ll come out and say it: Don’t even bother if you are adding this cat in your regular league. He’s not worth a keeper. But dynasty? He’s worth picking up.

Like we said to start, in dynasty, now is the time to start getting your roster built for 2019, Wilson had a strong first game against the Buccaneers and you know how Kyle Shanahan makes stars out of running backs. Given how Alfred Morris has all but vanished at this point, and Jerick McKinnon/Matt Breida have their own injury issues to deal with. The 49ers will have to look at running backs and Wilson very well could be a sneaky piece to add in 2019.

Pick up or don’t pick up (normal league): Don’t pick him up
Pick up or don’t pick up (dynasty league): Pick him up

The Seattle offense (any and all of it)

You know the Russell Wilson special, don’t you? Of course you do. You also know how bad the 49ers defense is. Put those together and you have a chance to feast when the 49ers head to Seattle. This game is going to get ugly rather quickly for 49ers fans, but you can soften the pain by having Seahawks players on your fantasy team. Doug Baldwin is available in 13 percent of leagues, go snap him up if he’s available. Check on the running backs and see if Chris Carson (available in 12 percent of leagues) is available as well.

There really is no downside to grabbing the Seattle offense for this game. The 49ers lost Jimmie Ward for the season, and backups of backups are filling in, so it’s bound to get torched. Have fun kids.

Fool’s gold

Nick Mullens

% Owned: 12
Week 12 Stats: 18/32 (56.3 percent), 221 yards, 1 touchdowns 2 interceptions

Remember when we said to grab Mullens? You can go ahead and drop him now. The fun is over. After a serviceable performance against the New York Giants, Mullens struggled against one of the worst defenses in the league. This is less on Mullens and the offense as a whole but with the opposing teams clamping down on George Kittle and not much else to throw to, that leaves Mullens with little to be productive with.

Drop or don’t drop: Drop him in all formats