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49ers take offensive lineman in latest CBS Sports mock draft

The position and player make sense, but what about the pass rusher?

We’re going to start getting more and more mock drafts as college football season winds down and the San Francisco 49ers are looking to a top pick. This week, we have an interesting one from CBS Sports’ Chris Trapasso.

The first thing to note before we get the pick is that this draft is based on CBS’ win projections, which has the 49ers at third. Strength of schedule isn’t factored here. There’s not a doubt in my mind SoS is going to be a factor in how this all works out (as are the coin flips). Also, this draft was done before the Reuben Foster incident happened, so that’s something to keep in mind.

With that said, let’s get to the pick. The 49ers picked third and took Alabama offensive tackle Jonah Williams. Here’s what Trapasso had to say about the pick:

The 49ers just took Mike McGlinchey in the top 10 of the 2018 draft, but Joe Staley is in the twilight of his career. Williams could even start at guard at the outset of his time in the NFL, then play left or right tackle in San Francisco.

We all know how much I’ve been hammering offensive line for the last two years (O-line, O-line, O-line), but I don’t like this one. I like Williams, but I also like a pass rusher and Clemson’s Clelin Ferrell is going fifth to the New York Jets. The 49ers need an edge rusher far more than an offensive tackle. Especially when Joe Staley has a year left and they can grab someone in the second or third round to sit and develop. They don’t need a tackle to come in immediately and while I like the idea of Williams at guard, Mike Person has been admirable at the position. The 49ers need sacks and that defense has been awful because the line can not generate consistent pressure.

As strange as it sounds, this mass of injuries has helped the 49ers in what we hope is the last time they have to pick in the top-10 for the near future. This pick for top-shelf talent is crucial and above all they need someone that can come in on day one and get to the quarterback. Obviously trades are not factored in here, but if the quarterback class is thin and the 49ers are up there, they could bring in a haul for some picks also.

Do you take Williams at three?