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NASA engineers imitate Marquise Goodwin-Kendrick Bourne TD celebration after Mars landing

NFL: San Francisco 49ers at Kansas City Chiefs Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

It’s safe to say this will be my favorite thing today! NASA successfully landed a rover on Mars on Monday, and two engineers involved in the process celebrated it with something that should be familiar to San Francisco 49ers fans!

One of the engineers is a Chiefs fan and decided she wanted to replicate a celebration between Marquise Goodwin and Kendrick Bourne from Week 3. In that game, Goodwin scored a touchdown against the Chiefs, and proceeded to do the same handshake celebration with Bourne. Here’s a look at how that went down.

It’s safe to say this is the first NFL celebration that has inspired a celebration of NASA engineers. I’m guessing Goodwin and Bourne will think this is pretty cool! This is one of the many upsides to the NFL finally relaxing the rules surrounding celebrations. Maybe if humans ever land on Mars, we’ll get an NFL-style celebration from the astronauts involved.

The two engineers discussed the celebration and the Mars landing, so give this a watch (h/t CNN):