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Nick Bosa watch is officially on for the NFL

We knew he was turning pro, but he crossed the Rubicon on Tuesday.

NCAA Football: Rutgers at Ohio State Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Ohio State defensive end Nick Bosa has been planning for some time now to enter the 2019 NFL Draft. Although he has not formally entered his name into the draft (as far as I know), he crossed the proverbial Rubicon. Bosa signed with CAA to handle his contract negotiations, per Pro Football Talk. By signing with an agent, Bosa foregoes his remaining eligibility.

This is not a shocking development. In October, while rehabbing a core muscle injury, Bosa announced he would not return to the university once healthy. He has instead spent his time since then rehabbing and furthering his preparations for the 2019 NFL Draft.

The San Francisco 49ers currently hold the No. 1 overall pick in the draft. They are tied with the Oakland Raiders and Arizona Cardinals atop the draft board, but hold the edge courtesy of a weaker strength of schedule. Plenty could change over the next five weeks, but the 49ers have a strong chance of claiming the top pick next April.

Regardless of where the 49ers are picking, pass rusher is likely to be atop their list. Not everybody thinks Bosa is the next big thing, but it is safe to say he will at least be on the 49ers radar throughout the pre-draft process. And with that, we’ll be paying close attention to his comings and goings. He won’t be the only top prospect we analyze, but it’s safe to say that if the 49ers have the No. 1 pick at season’s end, the pre-draft process will turn this site into some version of Bosa Nation!