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The last time the 49ers and Seahawks met was the beginning of Garoppolo

Thanks to our friends in the Pacific Northwest, they knocked C.J. Beathard out and ushered in a new era.

A lot of you aren’t looking forward to the San Francisco 49ers taking on the Seattle Seahawks. In Seattle. I don’t blame you, if they were full strength I’d be all for this. I even had the 49ers pencilled in to win this game by two touchdowns thanks to one James Richard Garoppolo.

There’s only one thing we can thank the Seahawks for and that’s the last time they tangoed with the 49ers, they forced San Francsico’s hand. The 49ers lost the game, but they had a power-up in Jimmy G. Roll it:

Note: The DMCA biscuits may not make it possible to see this. So click here.

After C.J. Beathard went down with an injury, Garoppolo came into the game, didn’t miss a pass and scored a touchdown within seconds. And everyone lost their [site decorum]. Garoppolo took the starting gig the very next week and never looked back. Well, until a pesky ACL injury sidelined him in Week 3 for 2018.

The Seahawks, with their aggressive defense, inadvertently ushered in the era of Garoppolo and got the man paid in the offseason. I doubt there’s going to be anything game-changing about this game. C.J. Beathard may just come in due to Nick Mullens’ ineffectiveness.

Now if the 49ers were to win this game, it’d certainly be a step in the right direction. It ruins their draft positioning, but beating the Seahawks, especially when the Seahawks are fighting for a playoff spot and the 49ers stink, would make this season all the more enjoyable.