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Mark Nzeocha leads NFC special teamers in Pro Bowl voting

You can vote the NFL’s website, or via Twitter #ProBowlVote

Oakland Raiders v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Daniel Shirey/Getty Images

Fooch’s update: I’ve found out through some German folks on Twitter that a German TV show that broadcasts before NFL games airing in Germany offered a shout-out to get Germans voting for Nzeocha. He was born in Ansbach, Germany!

The NFL announces updated Pro Bowl voting leaders every week or so through the voting process, and the latest update brings a modest surprise for the San Francisco 49ers. Kyle Juszczyk remains the leader in fullback voting, but special teamer and linebacker Mark Nzeocha now leads NFC special teams players! Keep voting here.

The NFL has a spot for each position, and then includes a special teams position separate from kicker and punter. After the first round of voting, Pittsburgh Steelers special teamer Roosevelt Nix led in the AFC, and New Orleans Saints special teamer Justin Hardee led in the NFC. The NFL releases position-by-position top ten results, not factoring in conference. After the first round of voting, there were seven NFC special teamers on the list, and Nzeocha was not one of them.

This time around, Nzeocha has leap-frogged all of the NFC options, and is second in overall special teamer voting behind Nix. I don’t know what happened to cause this, but I’ll take it!

In other results, George Kittle remains second among NFC tight ends, DeForest Buckner is second among NFC defensive tackles, and Robbie Gould remains third among NFC kickers.

You can continue voting at the NFL’s website. Additionally, if you are on Twitter, there is an option to vote even more. Starting today, November 29th, you can cast a vote on Twitter by tweeting the first and last name of the player, the player’s official Twitter handle, or a hashtag including the player’s first and last name. All three of these methods must include the hashtag: #ProBowlVote.

Using DeForest Buckner as an example, you would tweet any of the following (with whatever additional content you want in the tweet):

1. @deforestbuckner #ProBowlVote
2. DeForest Buckner #ProBowlVote
3. #DeForestBuckner #ProBowlVote