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Week 9 NFL rooting guide for 2019 draft order

Let’s take another look at those draft prospects and where the San Francisco 49ers stand.

Welcome to a day off! The San Francisco 49ers played on Thursday, beating the Oakland Raiders with ease. The team gets the weekend off, and returns to practice on Tuesday to prepare for their Week 10 Monday Night Football game against the New York Giants.

The 49ers snapped a six-game losing streak and improved to 2-7 with the victory. It drops them in the draft order, but likely a boost to morale after a tough stretch. With the win, the 49ers drop to third in draft order for the time being. Here’s what the top of the draft order looks like:

1. New York Giants (1-7, .513)
2. Oakland Raiders (1-7, .552)
3. San Francisco 49ers (2-7, .521)
4. Buffalo Bills (2-6, .520)
5. Arizona Cardinals (2-6, .549)
6. Cleveland Browns (2-5-1, .562)

The 49ers are not playing on Sunday, but plenty of us will be watching football. It’s actually a fairly limited schedule as far as impacting the 49ers draft positioning. The Giants and Cardinals have bye weeks. The Colts and Falcons were at two wins last week, but both won. Teams at three wins are not on the rooting guide for the time being since the 49ers are still a full game ahead of them in draft order.

Bears (4-3) at Bills (2-6): Bills — Buffalo threw everything but the kitchen sink at New England on Monday. They hung close in the first half, but New England pulled away late. I would like to see Buffalo upset Chicago, but I think they come out flat and get thumped. Especially with Nathan Peterman headed out there!

Chiefs (7-1) at Browns (2-5-1): Browns — This is an interesting one following the firing of Hue Jackson. Gregg Williams makes his debut as head coach, while Freddie Kitchens takes over as offensive coordinator. I think Cleveland could make this game interesting, but it would be a huge upset if they beat Kansas City.