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Rams lose, 49ers win in Week 9 and it changes little for the NFC West

The gap of wins narrows, too bad the gap the Rams have is the size of Grand Canyon.

The San Francisco 49ers managed a win for Week 9! With that win, it’s now ‘Mullens Mania’ and no one cares if it’s against one of the worst defenses in the league in the Oakland Raiders.

It’s even better when the rest of the NFC West either lost or is on bye. So celebrate. Don’t get too rowdy though, the Rams have so many games ahead of anyone else, they’d have to take it to a new level of elegant tanking to have a chance.

Los Angeles Rams

So the Rams can lose. After giving up more of their future to secure Dante Fowler, the Rams traveled to New Orleans and went into a massive shootout against the Saints. The game was the game was already 35-17 at the half and it only got more crazy in the second half. The Rams managed to tie the game up in the fourth quarter, but Drew Brees wasn’t having any of it and put a stop to everything with a touchdown and a field goal to win it for the Saints 45-35. The Rams defense, one of the best in the league, was carved by the Saints and showed significant chinks in the armor. Then again, it’s against one of the best offenses in the league so it probably doesn’t change anything.

Regardless, the loss makes the final undefeated team in the NFL go down. Which means nothing because the Rams are still winning the division with that lead in wins. Hopefully they meet the Saints in the playoffs, that may be game of the year.

Seattle Seahawks


That’s exactly what happened as they got throttled for three quarters against the San Diego Chargers. But then the Seahawks channeled their inner Seahawk and made a game out of it into the final minutes. The loss puts the Seahawks at .500 and second in the division.

49ers fans should feel good, they were mighty competitive against this Chargers team on their game, until things fell apart (like 49ers games do) at the end.

Into Week 10

The Seahawks travel to Los Angeles to take on the Rams in their second divisional matchup of the year. The Rams managed to beat the Seahawks in Seattle 33-31 in their first game, so this one should be rather interested and maybe one-sided for the Rams. The Cardinals return from their bye and take on the Kansas City Chiefs. A game that may later be used as a sleep-inducer for medical treatment

1st: Los Angeles Rams; Next: vs. Seattle Seahawks
2nd: Seattle Seahawks; Next: at Los Angeles Rams
3rd: Arizona Cardinals; Next: at Kansas City Chiefs
4th: San Francisco 49ers; Next: vs. New York Giants