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Terrell Owens talks Jerry Rice, Catch II, Steve Young, Hall of Fame career on Matt Maiocco’s podcast

It’s TO talking, so it’s detailed with good stuff.

Last week during the San Francisco 49ers Thursday Night Football game against the Oakland Raiders, Hall of Fame wide receiver Terrell Owens received his HOF ring. With him in town, that let Matt Maiocco catch up with him about a plethora of things from his career.

TO isn’t afraid to go into detail on things and this interview clocks well over an hour. It’s got a lot of great content though from his decision to not attend the Hall of Fame ceremony to his relationship with several 49ers players like Steve Young and Jerry Rice.

In fact, TO shows the upmost respect for Rice, saying on point when asked how he stands among the greats that, “I’m right behind Jerry”. Calling Rice No. 1 and himself No. 1A.

TO gives detailed responses that can sometimes be five minutes long in length, I’ve done my best to dissect them below in the time stamps, but there’s a great deal of information to hear from this one.

You can listen to the interview using the widget above, or go here if it does not appear.

06:37 - Emotions of the Hall of Fame
10:45 - Points early in his career he could be one of the greats
13:15 - Working With Jerry Rice
19:27 - How big The Catch II was
22:11 - What he learned from Steve Young
26:54 - The infamous “running to the star” celebration against the Dallas Cowboys.
31:24 - Playing the Chicago Bears and catching more passes than Jerry Rice.
35:05 - Looking back on playing time with Jeff Garcia
39:18 - Moving on from the 49ers/how he views his current relationship with 49ers
44:58 - His appearance at Dwight Clark’s celebration of life/49ers Hall of Fame
50:53 - If he’ll ever go to Canton Ohio and talk with other Hall of Famers
53:03 - Why he accepted his ring at Levi’s Stadium
55:31 - Regrets on decisions/actions in his career
1:00:25 - Where he stands among the greats