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49ers fantasy football pick-ups, drops for Week 10

Mullens may not be a bad add.

The San Francisco 49ers play their last primetime game for 2018 (well, it will be after the the powers that be flex their Seattle game out of Sunday Night Football) against the New York Giants. For fantasy purposes, this could be a very nice thing because the Giants have a bad defense. The 49ers have a ho-hum defense that could be ripe for you Odell Beckham Jr. and Saquan Barkley owners.

But since it’s Mullens Mania around here until Monday evening, we may as well look at some options for what may be the last 49ers win of the season.

As always, percentage owned numbers are based on Yahoo! leagues.


QB Nick Mullens

% Owned: 3 percent
Week 9 stats: 16/22 (72.7 percent),262 yards, three touchdowns.

As crazy as this might sound, Nick Mullens would not be a bad streaming option. There are byes going on and the Giants are not going to have enough with one week of game film to dissect him. Given that Mullens threw three touchdowns last week, he could be a nice sleeper option. Pick him up with the intent to play him in the Giants game, don’t expect much beyond that. So if you need QB help, this is a great option for that week while your QB is on a bye.

Pick up or don’t pick up: If you need a streaming option for Week 10, pick him up. Just don’t expect productivity beyond that.

Kendrick Bourne

% Owned: 1 percent
Week 9 stats: Two receptions, six yards 1 touchdown

Kendrick Bourne has become a touchdown machine in 2018. Too bad he isn’t good for much else. While he’s carving out a role on the 49ers, he’s buried under Pierre Garcon and Marquise Goodwin. One of those wide receivers may still be on your bench, one of them should have been booted long ago.

Only look at Bourne for potential to get a touchdown against the Giants, because he probably will get one. Kyle Shanahan loves to scheme him wide open in goalline situations. So if this is a strict scoring league and you need a last-minute flex play, roll the dice. But don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Pick up or don’t pick up: Unless it’s a scoring league and you’re desperate for a lucky touchdown, this guy, like all wide receivers not named Marquise Goodwin needs to stay off your team. A cool neck tattoo and slick dancing moves aren’t going to get you points.

Must-Start Status Alert

George Kittle

% Owned: 96 percent
Week 9 stats: 4 receptions (FOUR [site decorum] TARGETS), 108 yards, one touchdown

George Kittle. New York Giants. Enough said.

Pick up or don’t pick up: 96 percent? That four percent of you are to claim him RIGHT NOW.

Fool’s gold

All of the 49ers wide receivers

% Owned: Don’t get us started (yes, yet again...again...again)

We’ve only stressed dropping wide receivers since Week 8. So let’s check in on them. Anything different? Well we told you to pass on Kendrick Bourne above and by now everyone else not named Marquise Goodwin should be available on waivers for some poor sap to take.

So we’ll reiterate again, unless it’s Marquise Goodwin (and if it’s not a deep league, even then) you should clear those wide receivers.

Drop or don’t drop: Buh bye!