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Kyle Shanahan is already doing big things with the 49ers offense

Sean McVay gets a lot of credit in LA, but Shanahan is doing some serious work in Santa Clara.

The past two seasons, we’ve regularly heard about how great an offensive mind Sean McVay is. And it’s a rightfully deserved compliment. He has done so much in such little time with the Los Angeles Rams, and while there is considerable talent on the field, McVay deserves a ton of credit.

We’ve heard McVay and San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan compared heading into their respective jobs, and it’s been a more arduous task for Shanahan. He and John Lynch have engaged in a total rebuild, while McVay is proving just how atrocious Jeff Fisher was as a head coach.

However, while the 49ers are in a rebuilding process, Shanahan has done some big things already on offense. He is on his third quarterback of the 2018 season, lost the running back he targeted in free agency, and has a lot of question marks at wide receiver. In spite of all that, the 49ers’ offense is among the league leaders in explosive plays. They currently rank seventh with 46 such plays. Explosive plays cover rushes fo 15 or more yards and receptions of 20 or more yards.

The 49ers do have talented players on offense, and they are all benefiting from Kyle Shanahan’s play-calling. My favorite stat related to the 49ers offense might be this one about George Kittle.

Imagine what the 49ers will be able to do once Jerick McKinnon and Jimmy Garoppolo are healthy? Imagine what more upgrades at wide receiver could mean for this offense? Considering what Shanahan has done with C.J. Beathard and Nick Mullens, a fifth rounder in George Kittle, a UDFA in Matt Breida, and Raheem Mostert prior to his injury, I don’t see how you can’t be excited about the future of this offense.