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The coolest thing for George Kittle after his 71-yard catch was Travis Kelce’s Twitter follow

All the 49ers tight end wanted was Kelce’s Twitter follow

We already went into detail on San Francisco 49ers tight end George Kittle getting onto Pro Football Focus’ Team of the Week, but they aren’t the only ones giving him praise. The league’s best are as well.

Following that stupid (yes, I will still call it stupid) catch and run on Thursday Night Football, Kittle summed up the coolest thing to happen afterwards:

“So for the coolest thing, Travis Kelce followed me on Twitter. That was pretty cool. I’ve been following him for like, three years, so I got a follow back, that was pretty cool for me.”

Before the follow, the only time Kittle ever spoke to Kelce was when the latter introduced himself in Week 3 when the 49ers faced the Kansas City Chiefs.

Kelce is above Kittle in yards, 741 vs. 692, but the two are neck and neck with Zach Ertz (leading tight ends with 61 receptions) above the rest of the tight ends in the NFL. New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski, once thought the elite of the elite in the position, is having an off year (by off we mean he’s outside of the top-5) and only O.J. Howard is coming close in any other categories.

So basically, Kittle is now part of the elite tight end club. Oh and the follow wasn’t all he got, he got this as well: