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Predictions from a Seahawks fan for Week 13 and the rest of the season

This is pretty on point.

The San Francisco 49ers are ten-point underdog this weekend as they head in to CenturyLink Field to face the Seattle Seahawks. The 49ers are scuffling along without their franchise quarterback and a host of other players, while Seattle is riding a two-game streak that includes wins over Green Bay and Carolina.

Earlier this week, I chatted with Field Gulls editor Kenneth Arthur about Sunday’s matchup. I wrapped it up asking him for some predictions. First, I asked him what he expects of this matchup.

I expect Seattle to win and if I want to see the Seahawks become actual contenders (hint: I do) I hope they win by a lot. I hope they pull out one of those blowouts they have had at the end of seasons in 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015. That would be a lot more comforting. I’m concerned, as always, with NFC West matchups, as well as Robert Saleh’s intimate knowledge of the Seattle defense and offense. I think the hiring of Schottenheimer and Norton was, in a way, used to combat the fact that people like Saleh, Dan Quinn, Kris Richard, and Gus Bradley now all work for other teams. Hopefully that helps in these two matchups against the 49ers left on the schedule. I’d like them to win by 30 points, but I expect it’ll be closer to the 10-point spread.

I too think the Seahawks will cover the spread, but it’s tough for me to figure out just how far over they go. My thought has been that the game is close for much of the first half, but Seattle pulls away en route to a victory somewhere in the 14-20 point range.

I followed that up with a question about how he sees the rest of the season going for Seattle.

As far as the rest of the way, I am optimistic of a 10-6 record. Obviously the Chiefs game is the toughest one, I think, but it’s at home and it’s Week 16, so I hope they can pull that one out. They have four of five at home and must be feeling good about themselves, so that’s what I’ll go with. I’m ecstatic if they go 11-5, optimistic they’ll go 10-6, and concerned that 9-7 is absolutely possible and could keep them out of the playoffs again. The Vikings game I have more confidence in because it’s at home on Monday night, which Wilson usually excels in.

Two wins over San Francisco and one over Arizona are all but a given. Yes, upsets happen, but they’ll be sizable favorites over both teams. That leaves home games against Minnesota and Kansas City. I think a split is possible, but that Vikings game in particular is a tough one to call. I think Kenneth’s range of ecstatic, optimistic, and concerned are on point.