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Golden Nuggets: Welcome to Seattle

Your San Francisco 49ers links for Saturday, December 1st, 2018

This was supposed to be a much more joyous time. I’d have talked trash at work, made myself even more annoying than I already do, and been calling for how the 49ers would win this game by two touchdowns.

That’s definitely not going to happen. If the 49ers keep their loss within two touchdowns that would be like winning at this point.

It’s hard for me to even evaluate the 49ers upcoming away game against the Seattle Seahawks. Considering they are playing backups of backups, and a team is so crippled when a quarterback is knocked out, there’s not much to look at.

Luckily, they are coming to Seattle. If you are in the area, the Seattle Niners Faithful will be making noise at the airport when the 49ers arrive. I will not be going to the game. My last trip to C-link resulted in frosty cold beverages getting knocked out of my hands and people trying to start fights with me and my buddy.

I know how this is about to go. It hurts even more knowing that it’s going to help the Seahawks playoff chances. At least it gets us a pick that could be a crucial piece to this rebuild.

Stay faithful, my friends. And onto the links.

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What a horrible night to have a curse...