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Michael Wilhoite talks Reuben Foster release, Richard Sherman’s leadership, Jim Harbaugh

The former 49ers linebacker was a guest on Matt Maiocco’s latest podcast to go over the Reuben Foster news.

We’ve heard quite a bit this week about Reuben Foster’s release and now to talk about the release of a San Francisco 49ers linebacker is a former 49ers linebacker.

Michael Wilhoite was the latest guest on Matt Maiocco 49ers insider podcast and they wasted no time talking about the Reuben Foster release. There’s plenty of speculation made about Foster’s decisions, but Wilhoite said those decisions in his [Foster’s] personal life can be visible if you watch him on the football field:

“My first thought was that he’s undisciplined. You can see that in the way he plays the game, you can see that in his lifestyle. When you can make the same mistakes more than one time, with the same person, it’s very hard for people to make excuses for you. It’s very hard for us to sit here and say “Well, we would like to help you more, when we tried to help you the first time and and you didn’t take that advice or take that help and put it to use by committing the same mistake. So it’s kind of hard for people to sit here and say “ok well, let’s hang on and let’s help him more.” at a certain point we got to cut ties and go our own ways and that point came this weekend with his actions ”

Wilhoite went on to explain Reuben Foster’s way of playing football as “See ball, get ball,” and the fact that Foster was not turning out to be the communicator on defense the 49ers hoped he would be (that role would go to Fred Warner). Wilhoite later went on to say the reason for this was simply, “They didn’t trust him.”

Wilhoite goes into more detail on the Foster release as well as the 49ers upcoming game with the Seattle Seahawks. I’ve timestamped everything below. You can listen to the interview by using the widget above or going here.

00:55 - Reuben Foster release
02:10 - Foster’s undisciplined play on the field
03:31 - Foster’s move from MIKE to WILL
04:55 - Difference between Aldon Smith and Foster’s situation
07:09 - Richard Sherman
08:16 - Why the defensive backfield is struggling
10:46 - Watching NaVorro Bowman and Patrick Willis
12:45 - Tension/respect between Bowman and Willis
14:19 - Playing next to Willis for a season and then playing next to Bowman
17:15 - Playing for Jim Harbaugh
18:23 - The ‘mutual parting of ways’
20:00 - Harbaugh chatter in Seattle
21:30 - Seahawks/49ers seasons and any surprise
23:11 - Thoughts on Robert Saleh